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Save Money on Energy Bills

Believe it or not your home's heat problem just might be in the attic. New Insulation can regulate the temperature and humidity in your home. Start saving today!

Spray Foam is certified to be an air barrier at an application of 1.5 inch thickness. Since spray foam is applied directly to the substrate and fills in all the cracks, air can not flow around or behind the insulation system. Spray foam maximizes its insulation properties by eliminating convection loops through and behind boards. Spray foam provides a fully adhered, seamless air barrier insulation system.

To have mold, you must have: moisture, warm temperatures and a food source. Spray foam eliminates air movement within the wall cavity itself, thereby reducing the potential to accumulate moisture. Spray foam has no nutritional value and is not considered a food source for mold.

Most jobs can be completed in 1-2 days. We typically allocate 1 day for removal and 1 day for installation, give or take depending on the size and complexity of the space.

Every home is different, but we’ve seen houses save up to 40% on their annual utility bill, some less, some more. There are many factors beyond your insulation that impact your bill; your climate, the amount of natural shade you receive, and the style of your home, to name a few.

Will new insulation save you money? We think you’ll find a positive outcome, regardless, whether it’s a huge savings on your utility bill, peace of mind knowing your attic is in good shape, or resting easy knowing your house is healthy and efficient.


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