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    Attic Insulation

    Attics are a very important area of the house to be well insulated. Without proper attic insulation, heat will be constantly escaping your home and your energy bills will be expensive.

    Attics can be insulated with a variety of products:

    Loosefill Blown Fiberglass / Cellulous: great for retro-fitting existing houses. This insulation is simply installed by blowing the new material overtop of the existing insulation in order to achieve the recommended R-Value.

    Spray Foam: This Spray Foam insulation is applied to the underside of the roof deck and is great for eliminating heat loss along with turning an attic into a living space.

    Attic Air Sealing: Often, ‘air sealing’ is done prior to installing insulation. This is the process of sealing all plumbing penetrations, wiring holes, and recessed ceiling fixtures with a foam or a caulk product. This helps eliminate the heat loss that can still filter through even brand new attic insulation.

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    • Water damage, moisture-related issues such as airborne contaminants
    • Pest infested or animal damage
    • Degraded due to age or other issues
    • Hazardous insulation (Asbestos-Contaminated Vermiculite)
    • Fire damage